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    Whenever this blog gets a certian amount of hits, I will be having a party on McWorld And/Or Club Penguin. I will also be giving a suprise once in a while. Just keep visiting. Also, if you are A McWorld Champ, I will be having an Exclusive Party, so please meet the standards! I will add 2 lucky people at each party I have! ______________________ *I will be having my next Party at: 1000 Hits ______________________ *I will be having my next Exclusive Party at: 3000 Hits
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Snow And Dinosaurs

It started snowing in Mcworld. Maybe for the new Ice Age Promotion…
Well anyways, here is what it looks like on the map:

Dinostralia has opened! [Finally…] It is my favorite place in Mcworld for the moment. I like the tar pit for some reason? Here is what it looks like inside Dinostralia:

I got really bored and decided to make a funny picture from the new area, Dinostralia:

Also if you go to the Adoption Center at Pupsilvania, you can adopt dinosaurs!

Peace out!



Limited Edition Milk Jug Codes

Hey I have decided to give away 2 Limited Edition Milk Jug Codes.

The first one is from a special Milk Jug sponsering Madagascar 2. Here is what the wrapping around the Milk Jug looked like:

The Code is FXRM-NFLW-JA7J

The Next one was sponsering the movie Kung Fu Panda. Here is the wrapping:

The code for this one is special. It is EX7AHEWN

The code above has no dashes ❗

The 2 codes above give you stat boosts and points.

Enjoy 🙂


New Basketball Jersey

Today, McWorld had just got a new item at the Uptown mall. Its a Basketball Jersey. Here is what it looks like:

Its only 25 Points. Not much…

I will also be giving out a Limited Edition secret code for McWorld in a few days so dont stop visiting.


New Dance Suits and Songs

Hey! You can get 2 free dance suits if you visit Mt. Lavapalooza. Here’s what they both look like:

Try dancing while wearing one of them 😀

Also, if you have a Happy Meal Code, you can unlock songs to listen to at Mt. Lavapalooza. Don’t have any codes? Here are some for free:





Tell me if you have anymore 🙂

Dont forget to comment,


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